Thanking your Customers | Guest Post by Tiffany Silverberg

18 Nov Thanking your Customers | Guest Post by Tiffany Silverberg

Thanking your Customers

How to Thank Your Customers

Your business wouldn’t be where it is without your customers. During this time of the year, giving thanks is a natural response. And it’s about more than just good feelings. Giving thanks builds relationships, trust, and long-term engagement with your customers. That’s why I’m excited that Bee let me stop by and share these three ideas with her audience. Stationery is such a simple place to start with giving thanks to your customers.

– Handwritten Notes
Depending on how many customers you serve, this may be a hard one, but if you can pull it off, it can go a long way. Many people shop with small businesses because they believe in what you’re creating. They like to contribute to the local economy – or they love the mission behind your brand. Take a moment and thank them for making that choice. Stock up on beautiful note cards and be ready to write a quick note, to tuck into orders.

– Gifts they can use
If your customers are spending a lot of money with you, or you engage with them over a long period of time, a little gift could be quite appropriate. If you want them to really remember that gift for a while, give them something they can use. Calendars and stationery sets are the kinds of things they will keep on their desk – and they will keep you in mind for weeks and months to come.

– Know them Personally
Again, this is easier when your business is smaller, but the more you can, even as you grow, the greater impact you can have. Do you know your customer’s birthdays? I’ve often been asked for my birthday when I buy something or patronize somewhere – to sign me up for a newsletter or coupon. Take it to the next level – by actually sending a real birthday card. Or if you get to talk with your customers, either on social media or in person, send sympathy cards, congratulations cards, and more when it’s appropriate. Bring awareness and empathy to your brand – and build real relationships with your customers.

Guest Post by Tiffany Silverberg: Tiffany is a freelance writer and editor – helping small business owners and entrepreneurs getting their words out! She works with mission-driven brands who know what they want to accomplish in the world! You can connect her on Facebook and Twitter.

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