Why You Should Choose Your Holiday Cards Now…


10 Sep Why You Should Choose Your Holiday Cards Now…

The weather is just barely showing signs of cooling off and we are already talking about holiday cards! Too early? Never, for paper lovers like us. Even for those who don’t have quite the same obsession, now is the time to start considering and gathering your holiday cards.


Brands and shops are starting to release their holiday lines, and like our own shop, they will be limited. Don’t hesitate to grab your favorites when they are available.


Starting now allows you to curate your own beautiful collections. Gather cards made just for certain people and truly shine in the mailboxes of your loved ones. Don’t send everyone the same generic card. Turn your mail into a gift for each recipient.


Waiting until the winter forces you to grab those boxes that everyone else will have. Stand out and be you this holiday season by investing today in the most beautiful.
That investment will also remind you and entice you to actually send those cards. How many boxes have you bought that sit dormant with the ornaments? Writing notes on gorgeous cards will become a ritual unto itself and ensure that cards will actually arrive.

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