What Would Bee Say… About Travel Correspondence?


24 Jun What Would Bee Say… About Travel Correspondence?

As you are packing your bags this summer, don’t forget to throw in your favorite pen or two for sending letters and postcards back home. It’s a time-honored tradition, leaving lasting memories both for you as the writer and the recipient.

When I travel, I always send a postcard to family and friends, even if it arrives after the trip is over.  There is something about getting a view of a wonderful spot one is vacationing in ~ almost like bringing them along. Also I love the foreign stamps and like to save the correspondence in a travel folder. I remember sitting on the terrace at the Gritti Palace, in Venice in the late afternoon, with a cup of coffee, overlooking the canal and writing my postcards.
Buying local cards is the best, but if you aren’t sure when and if they will be available, pack a set of notecards to bring with you. Then you can be sure you will have something beautiful to share your travel stories on and send your sentiments back home.


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