Gifts for Grads | Friday Favorites


30 May Gifts for Grads | Friday Favorites

Graduation is such an exciting time. Marking fresh transitions and new opportunities ahead. Celebrating accomplishments and looking back on the road that led here.


If you have someone special in your life – a child, a niece, nephew, grandchild, godchild, friend, family member – graduating this year, you know the struggle of finding that right gift. That gift they will both treasure and use. That gift that celebrates today and prepares for tomorrow.


Let’s be honest, most graduates want money. They are on their own now and every cent counts! At this transition, it’s not a bad gift idea and there are ways you can make it particularly memorable. First, buy the right card that tells them how you feel. Then consider getting gift cards that will help them budget for their needs. Grocery store cards, gas station cards, college book store gift cards will all help them in a pinch!


If your graduate is settling into their first apartment or home, a custom address stamp can help them mark such an occasion. As the bills pile up – and all the thank you notes they need to send, they will love being able to stamp that return address.


Speaking of Thank you cards, personalized stationery never goes out of style. Whether they need to send some gratitude to a potential employer or a friend, these cards will speak to their maturity and organization. Give them a boost into adulthood!

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