When You Don’t Know What to Say…


26 Aug When You Don’t Know What to Say…

Some moments in life beg for just the right words, but leave us speechless. We know we should say something. Something to express the deepest of emotions welling up inside of us. Something to ease pain, bring comfort, and maybe spark a little laughter.

When we can’t find the words to say or write, we turn to notecards to do it for us. And it’s quite possible that no one does it better than Emily McDowell.


Seriously, how great are these? And they are just two examples of Emily McDowell’s amazing Empathy Cards. They say exactly what we are all thinking and feeling – and just what your loved one needs to hear right now. And they even induce a laugh or two. What’s better than that?


Just when we think we couldn’t love Emily and her style more, she shared this fantastic picture of herself, wearing a dress made of her cards! You just have to follow her over on Instagram!

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