Three Things to Include in a Note Card


02 Jul Three Things to Include in a Note Card

When you choose a note card, for anything from a birthday to a sympathy, you likely take careful notice of what’s already written on it. The sentiment matters. You know this and you make sure that what the card says is what you want to say. Our own shop is full of some of the most clever note cardson the market. But there are a few things you don’t want to forget before you send your card on its way!

1)   Your Specific Thoughts
If you are sending words of gratitude, tell them what you are thanking them for. If they have lost someone, mention your love for that person. If you are just thinking of them, let them know what triggered your memories of them. Getting specific will make your card a treasure.

2)   A Little Something Extra
Hearken back to a time when mail was a primary place for communication. You took advantage of that chance to update your recipient on your life. In a world of instant chat, we have lost that art. But adding that little extra lets the reader know that they are on your mind, that you care, and that you took some time to really think about them. Share some details about your day or what you’ve up to. Let them know about your summer or holiday plans. Let them know if you’ve recently chatted with a common friend.

3)   Your Signature

Few things are more uniquely you than your signature. How you write your own name is special and custom. Signing your name is putting your approval on your words – and like sending a little hug or handshake. If you are sending a note from the whole family, pass the pen around. Even the littlest ones can add their touch to a note card!

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