Remembering Carol


20 Jan Remembering Carol

My world has been turned upside down from the loss of my best friend in a horrific fire. It brings a new perspective to ones life. Material things no longer become important, its family and friends that are number one.

Carol and I were two peas in a pod from kindergarten on throughout our adult lives. We shared everything!

Carol spent so much time at my house, my father wanted to claim her as a deduction! She was really a part of our family and was certain to be at every dinner when my mother made brisket. That was Carol’s favorite! I spent every Christmas with the Linderberys and had a standing invitation for dinner. If I liked what Eleanor was serving more than what my mom was making, I’d stay at their house.

Carol introduced me to people I have loved my whole life, and of course, everyone loved Carol.

I will miss my best friend for the rest of my life. She and I held no secrets from each other and loved each other unconditionally. How lucky I have been to be so blessed.

Rest in peace, my dearest friend. I will love you always.

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