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22 Aug Friday Favorites | Stamps

custom stamps. Students head off to new schools. Graduates settle into their new homes. And we all start thinking about dozens of holiday cards we will be addressing this winter.

Custom address stamps make it easier – and more beautiful – to write home, or catch up with old friends, or just stay up on regular correspondence. They also make dreaded bill paying just a bit more whimsical.

Because they are truly custom, you can even get creative with them. Use just a name or location instead of a whole address, to help stamp holders label and keep a hold on their stuff. Students may want to leave their mark on their favorite books as they build a library or artfully and cleanly imprint their notebooks so they don’t get lost in those busy study sessions at the library.

From silly to sophisticated, custom address stamps give students and everyone a chance to leave their mark on the world – or at least their own world. Come check out Fawnsberg Stamps in the shop!!

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