Five People Who Need a Letter From You Today


06 Aug Five People Who Need a Letter From You Today

If you are trying to revive the art of letter writing in your own life, the best way to make it a habit is to just start writing. Not sure whom to write to this week? Let’s get started!

–       Your Parents or Grandparents
Maybe you call them every day, or maybe you don’t chat too often. Either way, they will love getting a note from you. And you will find its easier to express yourself in written, rather than verbal form.

–       Your Love
Even if the days of love letters and grand gestures have faded, take the time to tell them just how much you love them with a note. You don’t have to be poetic, just authentic and genuine.

–       Your Children or Siblings
Tell them how proud you are of them and share a story or two to inspire and encourage them. They will not only appreciate your thoughts today, but will treasure your words for decades.

–       Your Colleague
Work life can get to be so competitive and ugly. Take a moment today to thank someone who has helped you along the way or encourage someone who is striving for greatness.

–       Your FarAway Friend
Whether its your our college roommate or that bridesmaid you almost lost touch with, drop them a note to let them know you haven’t forgotten the good times.

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