What Would Bee Say… About Sales?


16 Jun What Would Bee Say… About Sales?

We don’t offer sales very often because everyday we strive to make the best quality notecards, stationery, and paper goodness accessible and affordable to you, while still staying in business.

When we do offer a sale, it’s a great opportunity to open the doors and make the beautiful products we carry nearly irresistible. We’re hoping you can walk away with armfuls of paper love and be ready for every occasion.

This year, we made it extra special by honoring my husband – my partner and supporter – with our biggest sale yet! 50% Off!

We can’t do this all the time and we won’t do it again soon so scramble over to the shop and grab some beautiful sets and cards before they are gone.

Just enter coupon code “JACK” when you check out to get half off your order!

The sale ends Wednesday June 18th… and when it’s over, it’s over! Have fun!

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