Three Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Stationery


06 May Three Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Stationery

In a world of pins about decluttering and tweets about simplicity, it can seem that we always have too much of everything… but to be honest, sometimes you just don’t have enough. Here are three reasons you don’t have enough stationery.


1) You’re saving it all for a special occasion.
As you look through your stationery stash, do you grab something happily? Or do you set it aside gingerly? Are cards and notes always being saved for that elusive future event? If everything is being saved, and nothing is being used, you need more – to encourage you to write, send, share.


2) Everything is geared for the holidays, not the every days.
There are so many beautiful cards for the winter holidays, and for the special days such as Mother’s Day and Father’s Day… but what about every day? If you don’t have some blank cards, with beautiful designs, then you won’t be ready to just say “Hi!”


3) You’re not sure what to say.
We live in an age of deliciously clever and drippingly sweet cards. Keep a stack – from the sarcastic to the sentimental – so when the mood strikes all you have to do is sign your name and slap on a stamp!


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