What Would Bee Say … About Letterpress Quality?


22 Apr What Would Bee Say … About Letterpress Quality?

Lots of people use the term “letterpress” to describe their cards, but what that actually means in terms of quality and texture can range greatly. The amount of press and the density and thickness of the paper, as well as the richness of the ink, determines the letterpress quality.


Everyone has a different preference for their cards. When I choose cards for myself, and for my shop, I prefer cards that have a deep impression you can feel, but not so much so that it comes through to the back. The “toothiness” of the paper has a lot to do with getting this effect. It’s that “toothy” quality that I always look for in a card.


When you buy a card, what do you look for? Do you just pull one that is visually pleasing or message pleasing? Or do you feel it and inspect how it’s made? Does the brand mean anything to you or do you like to discover new brands? What helps you make the decision?

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