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What Would Bee Say… About Sales?

We don’t offer sales very often because everyday we strive to make the best quality notecards, stationery, and paper goodness accessible and affordable to you, while still staying in business. When we do offer a sale, it’s a great opportunity to open the doors and make...

Friday Favorites | Love Is In The Air

Summer is the most popular season for weddings – which means lots of opportunities for gift giving. From engagement parties and bridal showers to weddings and receptions, the activities surrounding newlyweds means lots of cards needed. Weddings are a time of reflection and relationships. If you’re...

Three Reasons You Don’t Have Enough Stationery

In a world of pins about decluttering and tweets about simplicity, it can seem that we always have too much of everything… but to be honest, sometimes you just don’t have enough. Here are three reasons you don’t have enough stationery.   1) You’re saving it all...